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Weekend Update Apr. 25

This weekend was fairly productive.  On saturday I went to Basingstoke because I had to get the other half of my prescription, but then I continued on the Stonehenge!  It was a pretty cool sight/site to see, with some really old rocks.  What they don't tell you is it is literally right on the main drag. Once you get close it'd be really hard to miss the turn for the parking lot, and there are a lot of people standing around looking at these things.  Now don't get me wrong, the rocks are big, like 10 feet tall and 5 tons each (not sure if the little commentary meant tonne (~4,000 lb.) or ton (2,000), but they aren't a massive towering sight that dwarfs people.  The conservancy group had put together an audio commentary that was part of the admission price (about 6 GBP) which was very informative.  Talked about the formation of the rock, where it came from, now it was arranged, all that sort of thing.  It also talked about the significance of it and how no one is really sure what it would be used for besides a very large calendar. 

Besides the big stone rings that make Stonehenge, there was a good bit of hiking around the open country to be had to see the barrows, old burial sites that date to about the same time.  that pretty cool, and gave me a chance to walk.  Out of ALL the people there, which must have been a few hundred, I found myself all alone for a copule of hours while I walked around to see everything else.  I guess it's sort of a lost thing, since you have to use a little bit of imagination to see the curses and other things that they talk about.  I even took a short jaunt through the woods, which will be shown in the Flickr pics. 

I finished that out with a visit to Windsor with a couple of colleagues and their girlfriends, which was a nice way to finish out the evening. We went to Brown's restaurant, which had really good food at a very good price.  Everyone got something that was fairly typical, but everyone raved about the food, which means we have to go back sometime.  From there we went to another little club up the street called King and Castle (yes it's got Windsor castle out the front window) and had a couple of drinks to finish out the night.  Got in a little after midnight, which meant I had some time to chat with Heather, which was a nice finish to the evening. 

Today I went to the local wakeboarding park with Nathan to try to learn...emphasis being on the try part.  They have a cable tow setup with tow ropes that can be dis/engaged by an operator, which makes it really cheap to learn how to do it.  Unfortunately I didn't get off the kneeboard, since the rope turns 90 deg. and I couldn't figure out how to keep up with the acceleration that follows after the turn.  I could set up.  I could get in the right position.  I could make the turn.  I couldn't keep my knees on the board when it came to speed up coming out of the turn.  It's ok though, the only reason I stopped was because I was pooped.  I will go back again sometime and get it right, then move on to busting my...on the wakeboard.  Nathan had a little more success and got as far as being able to launch on the wakeboard.  Then he had the same problem but on a different medium.  The water was cold, very cold, but they had wetsuits to wear, which made it bearable.  I will be very sore and tired as a result of today.  Overall though, was a very good 2 hours spent on a mild weathered Sunday. 

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