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The new office details
The new office was signed off on on Wed. either this week or last..don't really remember. 

It is located in downtown Chertsey, Surrey, UK.  I will post real address when I know it. 

If you'd like to find it on Google maps just type in Chertsey, Surrey, UK. It's not that big of a place.  It's right to the northwest of where M3 meets M25 (ringroad/beltway around london) on the southwest corner. 

The building has 3 floors, top floor will be sales, middle floor goes to Applications, and ground floor is administration.  It's really not big, but will be good for customers and such since now is pretty bad. 

Currently the Elliott Ebara EMA regional sales office is in a 'portakabin' (trailer attached to the building) behind the global service department.  There's no conference room to really use, nor is there enough furniture/phone for all the employees (myself and 2 new guys included) to manage with.  Hence the new place I speak of above.

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