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So it's been a while....
Where to begin, since it has been a very long time since I've updated this thing, so here goes.  And it will be in reverse chronological order, estimated dates in front of the entries...or something like that working back, probably going to do it by month

April 18:  I can't travel this week because there is a massive microscopic (I know it's a good oxymoron) hanging in the air from an erupting volcano in Iceland.  It has grounded everything between here and Italy, believe it or not.  Apparently the hanging particles will gum up the engines, so no aircraft can fly, minus little RC (remote control) planes that people fly in the fields nearby my apartment here. 
     What this really does is eliminates my trip to Qatar and Kuwait to see some customers and make some presentations.  Not cool, but does allow me to get some other work done on a proposal that's going to be bought, or at least that's what I'm told.  We'll see when I actually travel.

April 11:  Trip to Milan/Office Move
I went to Milan for Monday-Wed. this week, and it was Awesome.  The trip was really to talk to a customer, which we spent all day Tuesday doing, but then Wednesday I had a chance to see a sight, the Duomo Cathedral.  We stayed in the Hotel Michelangelo, which is literally next door to the central station, so that was really cool.  Best part is virtually everything was company paid :-p   I have to get back to see more, sine there is so much history there to take in.  The story windows were really neat in the Duomo. And yes, Heather, I got a shot glass to add to the collection.  :-)    The meeting with the customer went really well and got most everything accomplished. 

Also this week was the office move!  I now can get to work in 15 minutes walking, or half that on my bike.  It's fantastic not having to get up before 6 to get to work on time.  Lost the day all day Thursday though to just getting everything wired and settled in.  The truck with our stuff didn't arrive until a little bit after lunch, so what do you do when you don't have any office supplies?  You check out what everyone else does, and find the local restaurants to find a good lunch spot of course.  The second half of the day was much more productive since my box showed up and i had my materials to use.  Friday was work as usual, just had to find some time for the plumber to install my shower riser.  That took long enough to get done (about 2 months). 

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