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The Wedding
Got married on September 24 2011 to the beautiful Heather Leigh Mourck (now Robison).  Everything went according to plan, even if the plan was only finished the night before.   There were shuttles to move people from the hotel to the place and then from the reception, so that was really nice.  They were great folks and really made things work out well. 

The wedding party was 8 people strong: Fish as the best man, Will Zivich, Brent McCrum, and Russ Harrison (my brother-in-law), and for the women there was Danielle Fish (Fish's Wife..and yes, he does just go by his last name), Erica LeMon, Erin Jenkins, and Doracy Harrison.  I couldn't have had a better wedding party.  They were really great and did exactly what they needed to to make things work as they should on the day. 

We had the ceremony at Morris park in Fairmont, WV on the 15 fairway of the yellow disc golf course.  The weather was cooperative, though, it did threaten about halfway through the 17 minute ceremony.  We wanted it short, so it worked really well, actually.  He had some readings, we did some 'stock' vows, and then we kissed and walked out.  For those who didn't catch it, we walked in to a really nice lullaby that Heather loves, and we walked out to the slow part of the throne room theme at the end of Star Wars Episode IV.  I mentioned it as a joke, but it stuck, and actually sounded really nice, haha.  

I had on a white tux with a dark green vest, which was rented. I mean, what else can you do with a white tux and white shoes..not a whole lot.  Her dress was an off-white halter top that hugged her right down to her thighs before flaring out a little.  It has a sort of beaded belt that looks really nice, and a very pretty train.  Too bad it sort of fell apart as the night went on, tearing out some of the bustle ties, and popping a clasp or 2.  We thought it popped at the top of her top, but it turns out it's just a POS clasp that came loose as she was dancing.

Speaking of, the reception was really something.  She did a good job of finding a very pretty location at Lakeview golf course.  There was a conference room they gave us next door which turned into a sort of quiet room for babies and worn out friends/family. 

The band was a group called 'Hollywood Bulldozer' who's a local cover band.  they were really good, just arranged in a poor manner for their style. The room was long and narrow and they were playing across the short side, so the sound was really loud.  As the night went on it got really good, though, so all is well.  The first dance was a song called 'Breathing' by Lifehouse.  The rest was just good fun, and of course the last song of the night was Country Roads in tradition when in WV. 

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