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Update 2
I've started to learn how to reduce my costs a little, now that I have a "cooler".  It's a fridge, but technically it's not cold enough to be considered it.  I keep some cold cuts, butter, and cheese in there..oh yeah, and some beer.  I've picked up a few different types to try (slowly of course)  and it really has dropped the daily cost to eat about in half.  I can have a sandwhich for lunch and/or dinner, with some munchies.  I think some eating out is still in order though, to suppliment. 

Huge cost problem though, is laundry. No one really uses them, so the rates are really high.  It cost me about $30 USD to do it all, so not fun.  The only one nearby is small and really not that clean, but i guess when it's all i've got besides the bathtub, I'll deal with it. 

I got a haircut on Thursday.  Not quite what I wanted, but close enough to not require anything mroe until time for the next one.  I have to let it grow out alittle again to get back to what I liked.  I'll have to get to holiday hair in may (Heather knows what I mean).  The hair dresser was a nice guy, really knew how to talk, and really probably does a nice job, just didn't quite get my hair the way I wanted. 

The snow melted a few days ago and now it's business as usual.  Gotta say I'm glad there was snow when I learned how to drive.  Kept the wrong side craziness down until I could get used to it a little better.  I'm pretty good now, just have to remember not to wander to the left out of my lane.  My orientation sitll wants to be looking down the left side  of the lane, not the right; so I drift.  I got some good practice this past Sat. though going up toward London to look at flats.  Have a few places in mind, but gotta find the agents when they are open to see what they can do for me.  It seems it all gets taken pretty quick if it's furnished and decent.  I'll find a 2 bedroom in my price range, I know, though.  There are lots out there, not worred one bit.  I went to a place just near the airport, so a bit loud, but a good starting point.  A little farther south and I think it'd be nice.  I want to try to get toward the city so I'm opposing the flow, since my office is actually outside what would be the Beltway in the States.  It's called a ringroad around here, for those who are wondering. 

Work's been work, trying to get what I need to done, but it'll be close to getting what I need to finished before the deadline rolls around.  I have the workload of 2 people right now, just because of how activity is.  It wouldn't be so bad if they weren't both due pretty much at the same time.  It means I'm asking double from the departments that support the effort..and I'm not the only one!  I will let you know how it goes in a coupld of weeks if I made it or not. 

There was a party here at the hotel on Saturday night, which went into the weeeee hours of the morning.  Someone was missing "Mike"  and let the entire hotel know it.  Apparently he went missing under some seeming unfaithful circumstances, but I don't really know.  I just know there was lots of crying and yelling, and conferring going on....right outside my door.  But, I digress.  It was pretty silly when it all started, so I got some entertainment in watching all the characters walk around as I had my snack.  It was a dress-up party, so it felt more like halloween than a christmas party.  I'll be glad to be out of here and in a more quiet area when I get my flat. 

Well, I don't really know where to start with this part, besides this past weekend being very hard for everyone who knows.  Any details will have to be requested.  I don' t know how to respond, or really anything regarding it, it's just so..inconcievable.  I wish I could fly home and do what I can, but it's just not an option..and I wouldn't be much good.  I thoughts and prayers are with you.  My phone is always on for anyone who needs it.  Beyond that I'm at a total it shock...for what to say or do from this far away. 

Flickr is updated too.

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