Update 1, I've arrived safe and sound, with an update of the week

This is the first update to the journal since I've been here so I'll see if I can't get most of the details people care about.  I'm going to try to keep a sort of photo journal as well in flickr, following George around and taking pictures with my awesome new camera.  I really do like it.

First things first, address and phone numbers:

Holiday Inn
Grove Road, Basingstoke
Hampshire, England RG21 3EE
Room 127

Hotel phone:  +44(0) 870 400 9004
Mobile :           +44(0) 776 435 2565
There might be a country code like 011 before all that, but don't really know for sure.

The flight in was delayed an hour because of a dead battery that was the emergency backup supply for the lights.  FAA regulations require that be fixed, so it was, and it was uneventful otherwise.  Feel free to check out the adventures of george on my flickr page to see some snapshots of the journey so far.  I got picked up by the cab, which is pretty cool.  It was the first time I've ever had someone waiting at the airport with the little white board just for me that I can remember.  He got me to the hotel and settled in just fine.  The room is really tiny though, so I had to adjust a little to that.   On Thursday (Jan 7) I got my car, which made me think of mom; it's a prius.  It's a black one though, looks pretty sleek..for a prius.  It's not blue, so the Jeff Dunham jokes will have to wait- you know who you are.  There's a ton of snow on the ground too, more than they've seen in 20 years...I guess I brought a little bit of PA with me when I arrived.  They don't have enough salt and other "grit" supplies to really keep up with it, but they manage I suppose. 

Work is awesome, I really like the office here.  It's a little more laid back, but the work still happens.  I like being close to the sales people becuase it really makes it easier to get what they need much much faster.  The dress is a step up from what I'm used to, however.  Everyone wears a tie to work, except Fridays, which is more casual, jeans and a button down goes pretty well.  I can't wait to get my boxes of my office stuff.  I have so many resources that I want to use, but have to wait and rely on others, which kinda sucks, but could always be worse.  I went out and bought some stuff this weekend to help with that, but will need to do more as the paychecks come.  Pants are next so that I can expand a little.

Shopping isn't too far away, so I can walk there when I want to.  I bought some new shirts and ties because I was way underdressed the first couple of days, as mentioned a second ago.  Big problem is I can't really buy many electronics or games because they are all the wrong kind.  Stupid US for using everything the rest of the world doesn't, ha.  I suppose it's a good thing to limit anything that keeps me from getting out and exploring.  I have a picture of the walkway area of shops, think Harry Potter for lack of better way to put it.  No cars, just lots of store fronts with pretty much most anything you'd like to get. 

Talking with Heather is easier with the xbox, and cheaper.  Yeah, I have a cell phone with international capabilities, but I don't know how it charges, so it's easier to use internet methods.  We just get on and chat away just like a normal phone call...feels sorta like bluetooth, only better.  It's nice because now we can play games together too! 

I went to see a movie tonight and realized as I sat there waiting for it to start with no one to chat with..I'm going to get really lonely at some point much sooner than I thought.  I'm sure I'll get some dose of what Line went through when she was in the States for the first time.  We'll see when it happens and how badly.

Be sure to check out the adventures of George to see how the snow goes.  It's snowing again and I'm not sure I'll be able to make it to work in the morning (Jan 11).  Best of luck, and until next update.


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